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Jessica Janssen, Practitioner


Jessica grew up in Wisconsin Rapids but has made Eau Claire her home for the past 25 years. As a UW-Eau Claire graduate with a BA and MBA in Finance, she spent many years in the business world, active in the Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals, and other community organizations. From an early age, healthy living was instinctively a part of Jessica’s life. As an athlete in her teens, she knew her body felt better when fueled by real food. But it was Jessica’s experience as a new mom that ultimately pushed her to change her career path.

When her oldest son was three, he developed a terrible cough resulting in a doctor’s visit resulting in a diagnosis for pneumonia and a round of antibiotics. The cough cleared up right away, but just as quickly returned a couple weeks later. After the second round with the same cough returning, Jessica suspected something else was triggering his reaction. A friend suggested getting his food allergies tested. Since this was outside of the doctor’s recommendation, she travelled to Children’s Hospital in MN and learned that her son had 5 IgE (anaphylactic) allergies from food he was eating almost daily. Those foods were removed from his diet and the coughing never returned.

This sparked a revelation in Jessica that something like this could be not only misdiagnosed, but also led to rounds of unnecessary antibiotics and destroyed her son’s already fragile gut microbiome. His allergies persisted through his entire childhood, often accompanied with hives, lots of digestive issues, and most notably behavior issues, including ADHD. Everything she saw started to line up as becoming increasingly common for many kids, yet it wasn’t normal!

Through a lot of research, Jessica began dig for the root cause of these issues. It was her husband who began following Dr. Patrick Flynn and the Wellness Way. She joined the Academy to become a Health Restoration Practitioner because it felt like all the dots had finally been connected from her entire life. Her instincts were always there; the body does not make mistakes. We need to find and remove the triggers and allow our bodies to heal from the inside.

Now, as a mom of four children, she is a fierce protector of her children’s health and wellbeing, including learning more about childhood vaccines and their link to common childhood ailments. Her family follows The Wellness Way lifestyle, eliminating foods that their bodies can’t have, yet still enjoying nourishing, tasty meals.

Jessica knows and understands the challenges that come with this journey, and she wants to make it easier for individuals and families based on her experience and Wellness Way Academy training.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys homesteading, gardening, food preservation, scratch cooking, and learning new ways to prepare nutrient dense foods. Her family enjoys camping, water skiing, and finding fun places to hike while on road trips.


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